What Does Adrenal Fatigue Mean for Your Ability to Handle Stress?

Exhaustion and stress can feel like twin enemies who are attacking you as you try to get through your day. When you always feel tired and stretched to the limit, it can seem like there’s no end in sight and nothing will ever change.

At Taylor Family Practice in Humble, Texas, Dr. Jill Taylor takes a holistic approach to your health that addresses the root cause of your tiredness.

Identifying and managing hormone imbalances like adrenal fatigue can give you your energy back and better position you to deal with normal stressors in your life.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is the result of chronic stress and adrenal insufficiency. Your adrenal glands, which are located by your kidneys, are walnut-sized glands that produce cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate your blood pressure, your heart rate, and your metabolism.

When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands spring into action, releasing cortisol. Continual dumps of cortisol can leave you exhausted from your body’s natural “fight-or-flight” response to stress.

If you have chronic stress or anxiety, your adrenal glands may stop producing enough cortisol, creating adrenal insufficiency that leads to adrenal fatigue. This can cause stress to other glands in your body, making your health problems worse.

Adrenal fatigue symptoms

The most common symptoms of adrenal fatigue are exhaustion and particularly morning fatigue, followed by emotional stress, anxiety or panic attacks or depressed moods. Other symptoms can include:

Chronic adrenal gland insufficiency is known as Addison’s Disease and can require hormone replacement for life.

How can adrenal fatigue be treated?

Dr. Taylor takes a holistic medical approach to treating hormonal imbalances. She can help diagnose and effectively mitigate the effects of adrenal fatigue.

Natural, bioidentical hormone therapy can be implemented to help restore the balance of cortisol and other hormones. This relieves the strain on the adrenal glands caused by stress and gives them a chance to recover.

Dr. Taylor can also help you sleep naturally and restoratively by recommending various supplements to combat adrenal fatigue. She also formulates a sensible diet plan to support and maintain adrenal gland health.

If you suspect that you have adrenal gland insufficiency that’s causing adrenal fatigue, contact our office for an appointment by calling 281-667-4974 or book an appointment online.

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