What Is Preventive Medicine?

You’ve heard the axiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While this is true in many areas of life, there’s nowhere it matters more than your health. 

Much of Western medicine focuses on treating problems and symptoms after they occur, instead of stopping them before they start, turning your health insurance into disease insurance. At Taylor Family Practice in Humble, Texas, we do things differently.

Jill Taylor, DO, and our compassionate care team put your health first. In fact, Dr. Taylor has made preventive medicine the cornerstone of our practice, ensuring your optimal health and wellness.

As an experienced clinician, Dr. Taylor employs a holistic approach to health care because she understands the complex and interrelated factors that influence your health and wellness. As part of this holistic approach, Dr. Taylor advocates prevention and natural solutions to many health problems whenever possible so you can look and feel your best.

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a branch of health care that focuses on promoting and maintaining health and well-being while working to prevent the onset of disease, disability, and death. With preventive medicine, patients get the information and resources needed to take charge of their health and stop illnesses before they start.

How is preventive medicine different?

Unlike traditional Western medicine that focuses on treating disease and disorder, preventive medicine aims to protect against ill health though several foundational principles based around healthy diet and lifestyle management. 

One key difference with preventive medicine is the personal attention and time given to every patient. Dr. Taylor begins with a comprehensive intake interview to learn more about your lifestyle, health history, and wellness goals. She then creates an individualized wellness plan based around the central principles of preventive medicine. 

Healthy eating and drinking

Prevention begins with eating a balanced, varied diet centered around fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and other sources of lean protein, nuts, seeds, and other foods rich in essential fatty acids to ensure your body ingests optimal levels of necessary vitamins and minerals.

In addition to eating well, it’s important to drink plenty of water. In a recent survey, more than 75% of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water. But water plays a vital role in healthy organ functioning and overall wellness.

Staying physically active

Staying physically active isn’t just good for your heart. It helps you stay functional and strong during everyday activities and prepares your body to better fight viruses and bacteria.

Regular physical activity benefits your health by promoting healthy weight maintenance, keeping diseases like diabetes and arthritis at bay, boosting your energy, helping you sleep better at night, and even improving your sex life. Exercise is also a great way to manage stress and mental health, another keystone of preventive medicine. 

Managing stress and mental health

Chronic stress and untreated mental health problems negatively impact your physical health. That’s why Dr. Taylor includes stress management as part of her preventive medicine practice. 

By working with you to identify strategies that fit into your lifestyle, Dr. Taylor can help you find ways to unwind and cope with the stress of life to help prevent unwanted complications such as hypertension and depression.

Are there other aspects of preventive medicine?

Dr. Taylor uses many strategies based on each patient’s individual needs to help promote wellness and prevent disease. By educating patients on positive steps and practices and helping explain what to avoid, Dr. Taylor helps optimize wellness and health through prevention. 

Some strategies are symptom-specific. For example, Dr. Taylor may recommend making changes to your diet or supplements to improve your body’s pH balance. Optimizing pH balance is essential for ensuring proper hormone and organ function, preventing cancer, and avoiding many other health conditions.

In addition, Dr. Taylor recognizes the important role vitamins and minerals play in keeping your body functioning at peak levels. She considers your medical history, current health, and wellness goals to provide a customized list of nutritional supplements to help prevent disease and optimize wellness.

If you’re ready to take control of your health through preventive medicine and learn more about how it can help you live a healthier, longer life, call Taylor Family Practice today. It’s never too late to get started on the path to better living.

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