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Jill Taylor, DO, of Taylor Family Practice in Humble, Texas, operates a physician overseen compounding facility for the benefit of patients, where she ensures prescription medications are expertly combined to cater to each patient’s individual needs. To find out more about compounding and its advantages, contact the clinic today or use the online booking tool.

Physician Overseen Compounding Pharmacy Q & A

What is a physician overseen compounding pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies take the medications prescribed for you and combine them in a controlled environment. Compounding is carried out by pharmacists and doctors to create customized medications that accommodate multiple prescriptions while minding your individualized intolerances to certain ingredients used in pharmaceutical manufacture.

The compounding process is monitored by pharmaceutical professionals to ensure compliance with regulations and that compounding pharmacies meet the necessary quality standards. Pharmacy state boards ensure that only authorized prescriptions are fulfilled by compounding services and supervise the operation of all pharmacies, under the overall control of the FDA.

The FDA has the power to penalize compounding pharmacies that aren’t complying with compounding regulations, ensuring that the process remains safe for patients. The FDA is also responsible for making sure compounded medications have accurate labeling with a complete description of all the ingredients they contain.

What’s in a compounded medication?

Compounding is a way of customizing prescription medications, so the compounded product will simply be a combination of your prescribed drugs, with alterations that remove any ingredients that cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity issues.

Doses are more finely tuned for optimum effect, and many of the additives, fillers, and dyes used in the original drugs are omitted. As the compounds meet the requirements of specific patients, they are generally safer and thus less likely to cause side effects than the original medications in some patients.

Are compounded medications available without a prescription?

Compounded medications are only suitable for patients who have a prescription from a licensed physician like Dr. Taylor. She identifies any elements in your prescription drugs that could be causing an intolerance or side effect and specifies the component parts of your medication so that you receive your correct tailored dosage.

Patients who have drug sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients found in standard pharmaceuticals can benefit enormously from the use of compounded medications. However, it’s vital to only order compounds from a reputable physician overseen compounding pharmacy so you can be sure the compounds are safe and of the highest quality.

To discuss your suitability for compounded medications or any worries you have about your prescriptions and possible side effects, make an appointment to see Dr. Taylor by calling Taylor Family Practice today or booking online.

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