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Preventive medicine is one of the cornerstones of good health, and a philosophy promoted by Jill Taylor, DO, of Taylor Family Practice in Humble, Texas. Mainstream health care is focused primarily on treating illness and disease once it manifests itself, but by maintaining good health in her patients, Dr. Taylor is able to prevent the onset of many health problems, so her patients enjoy a happier, healthier life. Make an appointment with Dr. Taylor to create your individualized wellness plan by calling the clinic today or booking online.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a strategy that aims to keep people healthier and give them the tools and the knowledge to look after their own health, thereby preventing them from getting sick. It’s a robust defense against ill health, combining the basic principles of a good diet and lifestyle management with specific actions to help patients with vulnerabilities.

What are the basic principles of preventive medicine?

The foundation of good health consists of concepts you are probably already familiar with:

Healthy diet

Eating a balanced, varied diet comprised of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, good quality protein, essential fatty acids, and optimum levels of vitamins and minerals. Water consumption is also key to good health, as water is vital for healthy organ functioning.

Regular exercise

Leading an active lifestyle and taking plenty of exercises makes a considerable contribution to overall health. Exercise is energizing, helps prevent mood disorders, and makes your body stronger, all of which help prevent many health problems.

Stress reduction

Managing stress is essential to good mental and physical health, and left unchecked, chronic stress can lead to serious health conditions. Finding ways to unwind and destress is critical in preventing chronic stress and its complications.

What other ways are there to prevent ill health?

There are additional strategies recommended by Dr. Taylor to help prevent ill health, and she strives to educate her patients in multiple aspects of preventive medicine by teaching them what to do and what to avoid, optimizing health and preventing the disease from taking hold.

Patients with skin and lung conditions can make use of multiple methods of minimizing their environmental exposure to potential irritants.

Patients with intestinal problems or digestive issues likewise receive various solutions to their problems, from organic coffee to probiotics and yeast cleansing as well as body pH neutralization.

To give you an indication of the power of these approaches, the body's acid/base balance is vital to cancer prevention, hormonal function, and proper body enzyme activity.

Nutritional supplementation, based on individual need, is key to a multi-angular approach to disease prevention. Dr. Taylor optimizes vitamin and mineral balance as a natural means of minimizing symptoms and maximizing prevention. Vitamins and minerals help all aspects of the body’s ability to function correctly and optimally.

To discuss preventive medicine and how it can help you live a healthier, longer life, make an appointment with Dr. Taylor by calling Taylor Family Practice today or booking an appointment online.